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Sweater Weather

Posted by Shelby Pittenger on

Can you believe it has already been a month since our last blog post? Because I sure can't. I have to admit that I do not enjoy Iowa this time of year with the temperature starting to drop. But I do love the fashion that comes with it! It is finally sweater weather and I want to show you some of my favorite fashion items.

The first look, worn by Emily, has one of my favorite new pieces. The sweater with a warm dark green is comfy, cozy, and has cute ties on the sleeves to spruce it up a bit (also found in cream). Matched with the sweater is a fun pair of jeggings with quite the eccentric pattern. These pants even include pockets! Women pants with pockets? That's not heard of. To accessorize, we added a pair of leather earrings. These earrings are also a new and hot item, coming in multiple different shapes and sizes. 

*All items can be found except shoes

The next outfit, worn by Chenoa, is one that can be easily dressed up or down. We started with a pink shirt (also found in dark orange) topped with a long cardigan (also found in charcoal). We then paired it with black leggings and leg warmers that matched perfectly with the cardigan. To top it all off we added a fun layered necklace but we could have also added a scarf to warm it up. Which is perfect because our scarf collection is starting to grow!

*All items can be found except shoes

Now lets talk CC Hats! These are some of my favorite items that come in this time of year. We have your typical stocking hat and then ones with pom-poms. We have headbands and a new design that allows your pony tail to pull out. I'm especially excited for this one because I love to wear my hair up this time of year due to all the static. You can find all of these in many different colors and even in children sizes.

In light of all this fashion talk, it's FASHION FRENZY this weekend, November 9th-12th. This means that if you shop during this time you get 20% off all wearable fashion items (including handbags, jewelry, scarves, hats, gloves.. ALL wearables)! And these are only a few of our fall fashion items that we have on the floor. So stop by and check it out for yourselves. I will see you there!