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Holiday Cheer

Posted by Shelby Pittenger on

'Tis the Season of last minute shopping! If you are any thing like me, you probably still have some shopping to do or maybe you think you're about done. What you don't know is that I'm about to show you some must-haves for the season. No promises, but it might make you second guess if you're actually done or not.

Mom (Adult Women)

Blankets, crazy cozy and currently 50% off! -- $19.99 (Reg. $39.99)


Corkcicles, keeps your beverage hot/cold up to 9 hours and sometimes longer! -- $24.99-$32.99

Corkcicle Sleeves, something fun to add on! -- $7.99


Phone accessories: Phone Pocket -- $6.99, Portable Charger -- $12.99, and Magnetic Holder for you car -- $9.99

Dad (Adult Men)

ISU and Iowa cups, mugs, koozies, and more! -- $16.99-$29.99


Poo-Pourri, sick of smelling the after-math of a good meal? Here's your solution! -- $9.99-$29.99


True Utility, all the tools you need in a couple small devices and easy to travel with! -- $12.99

Young Boys

Plus Plus. it's like legos and puzzles all in one! How genius? -- $7.99-$24.99


Hover Ball, a ball that hovers! Pretty cool if you ask me -- $16.99


Mad Matter, smartest doh to ever flow bro! -- $12.99

Young Girls

Slime Glue, don't even try to tell me you haven't heard of it. Hottest item this year! - $3.99(single) - $9.99(3-pack)


Sing-Along Pro (Bluetooth), ever since I was a little girl I have loved karaoke! The only difference is

now I know how awful I sound... -- $39.99


Mermaid Pillows, so sparkly! So fun! So needed at your Christmas! -- $19.99


All these things can be interchangeable between age and gender. I'm a girl in my 20's that owns both poo-pourri and a mermaid pillow!

Hopefully some of these ideas helped you out and you can check more people off your shopping list!